Mobile inventory management, item issues, receipts and transfers

IBM Maximo Mobile Inventory Manager SE provides remote data access to the Maximo inventory data.

Provides remote data access to the Maximo inventory data such as item information and availability, counts, issues, receipts and transfers.

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Maximo Mobile Inventory Manager SE

IBM Software Subscription and Support is included in the product price for the first year.

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Product requirements

IBM Maximo 6.2 Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements:

IBM® Maximo® is based on an n-Tier architecture, which lets you deploy Maximo across one or more tiers (servers). You can run Maximo on a single physical server or across multiple servers depending on the number of concurrent users and the hardware.

Maximo requires the following minimum hardware and software for Maximo for client workstations and each tier in a Maximo system configuration:

Client Workstation

Administrative Workstation

System Administrator workstation that you will use for installing software, configuring databases, and designing work flows

Application Server

Server that you will use to run the core Maximo Application and Java/Web Server components

- Operating System

- Application Server

- 2 or 4 processors recommended
- 2 GB Memory per processor
- 1.5 GB or greater disk space for Maximo and the Java/Web Server components

Database Server

Server that contains and manages the Maximo database.
Customer is responsible for database platform software, and is referred to the vendor for hardware requirements.

- Database software

Reports Server

Server that contains browser-based reporting software.

- Operating System

- 1 GB Memory per processor
- 1 GB free disk space for Actuate® software components
- Actuate iServer Release 8 (provided by IBM Corporation)

¹ HP-UX 11i v2 is not currently supported for the Actuate iServer reports server
² A Windows based Reports Server is required for users running Maximo on a Red Hat Linux Application Server
³ Solaris 10 is not currently supported for the Actuate Report iServer reports server


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