Improve operational efficiency with this comprehensive, customizable solution

IBM Maximo Calibration is used to calibrate tools and measurement equipment and standards. It is a fully integrated part of Maximo Asset Management and helps to optimize the quality of products produced. The solution provides all requirements for traceability and reverse traceability, all calibration history data, calibration data sheets and required reporting.

Maximo Calibration enables you to:

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Improve operational efficiency with this comprehensive, customizable solution

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IBM Maximo 7.5 Minimum hardware and software requirements

IBM® Maximo® uses an n-Tier architecture, which lets you deploy Maximo across one or more tiers. You can run Maximo on a single physical server or across multiple servers depending on the number of users and the hardware.

IBM Maximo and related products are part of a family of products with similar minimum hardware and software requirements. Use the link below to see the latest requirements for the Client Workstation, Application Server and Database Server.

IBM Maximo software configuration matrix

There are a number of combinations of operating systems, databases, applications servers, browsers and report writers. Use the link below to access the current configuration matrix for the Maximo and the rest of the related family of products. This link includes configurations, languages and platforms details.


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