Simplifies the setup and management of AS2 connectivity

Comply with AS2 mandates without the expense of building a complex infrastructure for secure Internet communications.

AS2 is the first protocol with strict requirements for authentication, encryption, non-repudiation, and data integrity. It takes specialized expertise to set up and manage correctly. IBM Sterling Managed AS2 Gateway simplifies the set up and management of AS2 connectivity for you.

Sterling Managed AS2 Gateway assures you and your suppliers achieve a simpler, more secure, accurate and smoother transition to AS2. Achieve AS2 compliance mandates with capabilities and features that can help you:

Communicate efficiently and transparently with AS2-based customers and partners

With Sterling Managed AS2 Gateway, you can continue sending EDI documents just as you normally do. We provide the AS2 interface to your customers and partners that require AS2 communications. Going the other way, we receive documents from your AS2 partners, decrypt them, and forward them to you using your preferred protocol. Using the gateway is just as fast and secure as going direct, and our role is completely transparent.

Connect to any company, anywhere, now and in the future

With Sterling Managed AS2 Gateway, you don’t have to worry how many of your current customers or partners switch to AS2 and start issuing communications mandates. You can connect to any company, anywhere, adding as many AS2 accounts as you need.

Easily comply with AS2 mandates

Sterling Managed AS2 Gateway serves as a secure intermediary between Internet-based and non-Internet-based partners, managing all the differences in communications, format, content, and security between EDI-INT and non-EDIINT transactions. To activate the service, simply contact Sterling Commerce. Our experienced staff will take it from there, answering your questions and collecting any information required to get you up and running quickly.

Smooth your supply community’s transition to AS2

Sponsor companies that need to drive adoption of AS2 across their supply community can use the AS2 gateway to maintain a steady flow of transactions during the transition period — or to continue doing business electronically with customers who do not support AS2 communications. Simply ask your non-compliant customers to send their transactions through Sterling B2B Collaboration Network. When we receive their documents, we’ll encrypt the data and send it to you using AS2. To send documents to non-compliant partners, connect to Sterling B2B Collaboration Network and we’ll deliver them in any format your partners require, sending you receipt acknowledgements using AS2.

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