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IBM® MaaS360® Productivity Suite delivers an enterprise data loss prevention solution with consistent and seamless workflows for iOS, Android and other devices. It enables employees to securely access corporate data while preserving their mobile experience. Users can seamlessly switch between email, calendar, browser, chat and docs through a separate and security-rich office productivity application. Shortcuts and swipe gestures have been added, making it easier to navigate and take quick actions.

IBM® MaaS360® Productivity Suite

Product editions:

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Application Security: Enables an application container for enterprise and third-party apps, providing operational and security management for iOS, Android and other devices.
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IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser: Safeguards data and boosts productivity by controlling access to corporate intranet sites and public websites on mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Mail: Provides a separate and security-rich office productivity application for users to access and manage their email, calendar and contacts.

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