A comprehensive set of advanced Java user interface displays

Building Advanced Graphical Displays
for the Desktop and Web

IBM® ILOG® JViews Enterprise provides enterprise software developers with advanced graphical displays for building custom user interfaces. Developers can add a variety of rich, interactive Java visualization displays including diagrams, dashboards, maps, charts and schedules to desktop and JSF or Dojo Web user interfaces. These graphical displays help to reduce development time and risk to the project schedule.

IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise provides a broad range of commonly-used advanced display types:

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A comprehensive set of advanced Java user interface displays

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Operating SystemSoftwareHardware

Red Hat Enterprise 3.0 Update 4, AS/ES x86-32

Red Hat Enterprise 5.0, Desktop editions x86-32




10 x86-64

Mac OS:

X 10.5 Leopard x86-32


Vista Business x86-32

XP SP2 Professional x86-32

7 Professional x86-64

7 Enterprise x86-64

7 Ultimate x86-64
Java platforms supported:

IBM Java SDK 5.0 and later

Sun Java SDK/JRE/JDK 5.0/1.5 and later

Application servers supported:

Apache Tomcat 6.0

Oracle/BEA WebLogic Server 10g Release 3 10.3

WebSphere Application Server - Base 7.0
Disk space: 3GB for installation; 6GB required when installing from a download

Memory: 1GB RAM minimum; 2GB RAM or more recommended

New and improved display options

IBM® ILOG® JViews Enterprise 8.8 takes advantage of the improved performance, usability, and security of Java Development Kit 7 (JDK7). This new release includes support for Dojo-based displays, an alternative to JavaServer Faces (JSF) web capabilities. Developers now have the option to create JViews Enterprise-based diagram displays to Dojo-compliant mobile devices.

JViews Enterprise 8.8 provides developers with tools to build displays for applications requiring diagrams, including org charts, diagram editors and process diagrams:

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