Software development and configuration management for System z

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IBM® ISPF for z/OS® is a multifaceted development tool set for IBM System z® that provides host-based software development, including software configuration management.

ISPF for z/OS enables programmers to develop and document batch and interactive programs and administrators and systems programmers to monitor and control program libraries and communications with z/OS. It allows you to manipulate source code and data stored on a host and work with interactive applications called dialogs. Managers can prepare and print memos using ISPF edit, IBM BookMaster® and a hardcopy utility.

ISPF for z/OS includes:

ISPF Dialog Manager helps you develop end user dialogs

Program Development Facility (PDF) provides a panel-driven menu interface and services

Software Configuration and Library Manager (SCLM) provides library management capabilities

ISPF Client/Server allows you to transfer files between the host and your workstation

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