Simplify development for networked devices

Quickly connect, set up and manage your devices

Watson Internet of Things Platform is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service that makes it simple to derive value from Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

We start with your device, be it a sensor, a gateway or something else. Using our recipes you can get it connected and start sending data securely to the cloud using the open, lightweight MQTT messaging protocol.

From there, you can setup and manage your devices using your online dashboard or our secure APIs, so that your apps can access live and historical data fast.

You are now ready to start creating applications using your device data. You could do this within our IBM Bluemix platform, another cloud or your own servers.





Watson Internet of Things Platform resources


IBM Internet of Things - Creating conversations with globally connected devices.

The Internet of Things is an iconic example of tapping in to the immense potential contained within a Smarter Planet, exhibiting the characteristics of being instrumented, interconnected and intelligent as data is captured by devices and transformed into real-time actionable insights at a scale that works for your business. Watch how IBM helps create more meaningful real time conversations using Internet of Things.

Understanding Big Data using IBM's Internet of Things platform

The Internet of Things – changing work, changing lives

With the emergence of mobile technology, everything around us is now connected to the Internet of Things – creating a powerful phenomenon that changes both how we work and how we live. Listen to Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and WebSphere Chief Technology Officer talk about how IBM is helping clients tap into the Internet of Things for everything from stronger data management to valuable predictive analytics – and in unleashing those insights, tools and solutions onto the mobile platform.

Case Study

SilverHook case study

SilverHook Powerboats uses IBM software to enable real-time data collection and analysis in the cloud and improve decision making.


Deriving business value from the Internet of Things

What makes the Internet of Things revolutionary? Explore IBM’s view of IoT today and our vision of future trends, plus steps to take now to ensure your business derives the utmost value from IoT.

IBM Point of View: Internet of Things Security

IBM is helping create and use the Internet of Things (IoT) by leveraging cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security technologies. The connectivity of ‘things’ presents a broad set of security challenges. This document describes IBM's view of security and privacy for IoT systems.

IBM Redbooks: The Interconnecting of Everything

Learn how the IoT helps gather, analyze and distribute data that can become information and knowledge.

IBM Redbooks: Introducing MQ Telemetry Transport

Get an introduction to MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) and use a scenario-based approach to learn about its capabilities.

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