Traffic management, transit analytics and transportation operations software

City of Zhenjiang revamps its public
transportation system.

IBM® Intelligent Transportation software provides citywide traffic management, traffic prediction, transit analytics and transportation operation capabilities. It delivers advanced analytics and planning tools for operational decision support that can improve traffic management. IBM Intelligent Transportation also helps improve public transit operations by identifying and correcting event, performance and scheduling issues, while using predictive analytics to help maintain uninterrupted services.

IBM Intelligent Transportation provides:

One integrated transportation system

The Intelligent Operations for Transportation component

The Intelligent Transit Analytics component

Collaborative tools

Flexible deployment options

IBM Intelligent Transportation

This tool is used with the Intelligent Operations for Transportation component v1.6. It loads links and historical traffic data into the Traffic Awareness database. It is used during post-installation configuration to input the road network and historical data. It is provided as an alternative to loading traffic management data dictionary (TMDD) data through the bulkLoad script.

It can be used in the following cases:

Shipped with Intelligent Operations for Transportation V1.6 component

This document provides access to the detailed system requirements information for IBM Intelligent Transportation.

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