Accelerate the integration of retail applications, data and systems

IBM Integration Bus for Developers

IBM® Integration Bus Retail Pack accelerates the development and deployment of integration between retail applications and systems, and enables transformation and enrichment of data. It establishes a level of intermediation between applications that use different message and data structures and formats.

IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack enriches information from many sources and in different formats and distributes it to multiple points. It enables retailers to extract additional business value from data by interpreting it in near real-time, allowing for events to be detected and actions to be performed while the data is still moving.

IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack also separates business logic from application development, saving time and resources by allowing programmers to focus on business requirements rather than integration and connectivity coding.

IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack:

Provides retail-specific patterns and toolingfor rapid connectivity

Integrates many retail application types

Eliminates the need to select a single method of integrating applications

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