IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Departmental Edition brings enterprise power to departmental decision-making with ready to go industry models.

InfoSphere Warehouse Advanced Departmental Edition offers the ideal platform for consolidating your data marts and reducing your overall software, hardware and maintenance costs.

  • Performance: Built on the market leading DB2 data server, the Advanced Departmental Edition offers enterprise class performance features such as Optim Performance Manager, DB2 Workload Manager, Adaptive Compression, Multi-Temperature Data Management, Time Travel Query, Continuous Data Ingest, and Multidimensional clustering.
  • Sophisticated Analytics: In database analytics ensures that users are working with current data and delivering analytics in real-time. The offering includes Cubing Services for ad hoc query analysis and Cognos Reporting, Data Mining for both discovery and predictive analytics, and Text Analytics for analyzing unstructured content.
  • Terabyte Pricing: A simple and transparent terabyte pricing structure enables organizations to pay only for the volume of compressed user data they manage in their database, allowing them to exploit new hardware innovations and processor technologies without impacting software costs.
  • Virtual Image for Simplified Deployment: To speed up and simplify deployment, a virtual image is now available to deploy on any Intel/AMD based platform. Customers can bypass tedious install and set-up activities, reduce time-to-value, and free up resources.
  • Flexibility: Simplify enterprise data warehouse development, deployment and administration with tools and features such as Optim Database Administrator, Optim Development Studio, and SQL compatibility, and native XML support for broad data access.
  • Security: Row and Column Access Control and Label Based Access Control provides easy and flexible control over security access.
  • Industry Models: InfoSphere Warehouse Model Packs for fast out-of-the-box experience with ready to go Customer Insight, Market and Campaign Insight and Supply Chain Insight analytics packs.
  • Operating systems supported: – Linux, UNIX, Windows

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