Capture and analyze data in motion

IBM® InfoSphere® Streams is an advanced analytic platform that allows user-developed applications to quickly ingest, analyze and correlate information as it arrives from thousands of real-time sources. The solution can handle very high data throughput rates, up to millions of events or messages per second.

InfoSphere Streams helps you:

Analyze data in motion

Simplify development of streaming applications

Extend the value of existing systems

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It's not just the fact that you can do this 100 times faster than before. It's that you can begin to treat your data with a fair degree of discrimination and refine data concerning multiple phases in a way that was not previously possible.

- Dr. N. Stewart McIntyre, professor emeritus of chemistry

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Capture and analyze data in motion

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IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.2.1 delivers the following new features and functions:

To stay competitive, organizations need to harness the power of all enterprise data and adapt in real time. The need for continuous, real-time analysis of extremely large structured and unstructured data volumes requires a new approach. InfoSphere Streams delivers innovative technology and enables organizations to process extremely large data volumes at unprecedented speeds.

InfoSphere Streams v3.2.1 includes the following new enhancements:

Extend and Consume Analytic Insight

Support for the Latest Platforms

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Big data in motion

InfoSphere Streams for Communications Service Providers
Communications Service Providers demand big data solutions that allow them to access, analyze and act on their data quickly. InfoSphere Streams enables providers to process call data in real time to predict customer churn and fraud, deliver timely marketing promotions and analyze effectiveness in real time. The result is optimized utilization of expensive network assets and more incremental revenue on each marketing promotion.

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Emory University

Cutting edge, real-time patient monitoring systems
The Emory University Hospital ICU is using a new patient monitoring system that allows clinicians to acquire, analyze, and correlate medical data at a volume and velocity that has never before been possible.

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