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IBM Master Data Management (MDM) helps put data to work with the most complete, proven and powerful MDM solution with collaborative and operational capabilities.

IBM Master Data Management manages master data for single or multiple domains – customers, patients, citizens, suppliers, locations, products, services offerings, accounts and more – for improving application & business process effectiveness.


IBM Master Data Management

A new way to work -  flexibility for hybrid environments for managing master data with MDM on the cloud

Migrating your entire master data management environment to the cloud all at once may seem like a daunting task.  With IBM Master Data Management on Cloud you can provision IBM MDM on Cloud for new projects or development and testing environments; and even move some of your existing workloads to the cloud without impacting your production systems.

If you are brand new to IBM Master Data Management, why not begin on the cloud and avoid the need to procure on-premises hardware, departmental, and budget approvals with low-risk subscription pricing for IBM MDM on Cloud?

IBM MDM on Cloud provides master data management solutions that make data more trustworthy and now extends these capabilities to the cloud.  IBM MDM on Cloud offers the same functionality and performance as its on-premises equivalent, now with the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud deployment options, making it easier to trust and act upon data.

Key Benefits

IBM Multi-Domain MDM hosted offering provides

These services are built for those that want to move to the cloud, rapidly create a new project in the cloud or looking for subscription-based pricing.  IBM MDM on Cloud is especially useful to clients looking for:

Editions available

IBM Master Data Management includes multiple editions, that include:

  • IBM MDM Standard Edition

    Provides accurate, near real-time views of master data throughout your organization. The standard edition supports registry or virtual style implementations, which can offer quick time to value.

  • IBM MDM Advanced Edition

    Supports multiple master data management (MDM) styles and domains, and helps transform your organization by improving business processes and applications.

  • IBM MDM Collaborative Edition

    Provides product information management and master data management (MDM).

  • IBM MDM Enterprise Edition

    Supports all domains, architectural styles and use cases for any industry.

  • IBM Big Match for Hadoop

    Connects the customer data dots by breaking down barriers between internal and external data sources and operational applications.

  • IBM MDM Reference Data Management Hub

    A powerful, high value solution for centrally managing and distributing reference data across the enterprise.

  • IBM MDM Custom Domain Hub

    Extends the IBM Master Data Management portfolio with flexible, adaptable capabilities for managing custom domains to meet your business requirements.

IBM Master Data Management (MDM) is a complete, flexible, and proven MDM solution that creates trusted views to improve operational business processes, and analytics. IBM MDM supports all domains, architectural styles, and use cases across all industries, offering quick time to value through pre-built and customizable data models and business services. The solution is optimized for big data and real-time integration and provides the ability to better understand customer behaviors, enabling an improved the customer experience.

Extend your master data management to the cloud

Flexible deployment options allow you to roll out new applications, data and services with impressive speed and place them in the optimal location—whether on premises or in the cloud. Subscription-based pricing helps reduce costs and optimize resources while facilitating intelligent investment in future growth.   

IBM Master Data Management continues to provide new capabilities and significant enhancements with its latest release to support enterprise big data, industry solutions and hybrid computing initiatives.

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