InfoSphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor

Protect sensitive data - wherever it resides

IBM® Security Guardium® Data Activity Monitor prevents unauthorized data access, alerts on changes or leaks to help ensure data integrity, automates compliance controls and protects against internal and external threats. Continuous monitoring and real time security policies protect data across the enterprise, without changes or performance impact to data sources or applications. Guardium Data Activity Monitor protects data wherever it resides, and centralizes risk controls and analytics with a scalable architecture that provides 100% visibility on data activity. It supports the broadest set of data source types, and it is the market leader for big data security solutions.

Uncover risks to sensitive data

  • Automate sensitive data discovery and classification for risk analysis across enterprise data sources
  • Determine entitlements to sensitive enterprise data to determine risks such as dormant data or dormant entitlements
  • Use analytic tools like Quick Search or Connection Profiling to do forensics in real time or after the fact.

Monitor and audit all data activity

Enforce security policies in real time

Create a centralized repository of audit data

Support heterogeneous environments

Readily adapt to changes in your data environment

  • Create an agile and adaptive data protection environment that adjusts as new users, platforms and types of data are added
  • Scale tot any size data protection effort with a flexible and tiered approach including seamless load balancing and self monitoring
  • Streamline administration and deployment of data security and compliance with a business centric user experience and automated tasks

Guardium Data Activity Monitor

InfoSphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor

Monitor and audit data access and automate compliance controls in the era of big data

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System requirements

Details regarding hardware and software requirements for Infosphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor can be accessed via the product version specific link below.


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