IBM® InfoSphere FastTrack accelerates the translation of business requirements into data integration projects.

IBM InfoSphere FastTrack streamlines collaboration between business analysts, data modelers, and developers by capturing and defining business requirements in a common, familiar format and then transforming that business logic directly into DataStage ETL jobs.

What's New in IBM InfoSphere Information Server 8.7

IBM's market-leading data integration platform helps you transform insights from trusted information into actionable resultsWhat's new in InfoSphere Information Server 8.7

What's New in InfoSphere Information Server 8.7
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IBM® InfoSphere™ Information Server 8.7 helps you take delivery of trusted information to the next level with a more comprehensive integration platform. New InfoSphere Information Server capabilities help strengthen collaboration between business and IT professionals to make it easier for strategic initiatives, such as business analytics, master data management, data warehousing, and application consolidation and migration projects, to utilize and act on trusted information.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server 8.7 helps you turn insight into actionable results by:

  • Capitalizing on productivity enhancements
    Deliver better business results and reduce implementation time and cost by using new features that make sure your data integration platform is working for you. Take advantage of new operational intelligence capabilities, smart management of metadata and metadata imports, and new parallel debugging capabilities that enhance developer productivity when working with partitioned data.
  • Leveraging comprehensive information governance capabilities
    Establish smarter, sustainable governance practices - including enriched data quality capabilities - that meet your business requirements and support consistent business outcomes. Gain more control when managing terms through a review and approval process, and increase your insight with holistic and personalized views of business terms, data models, assets, data flows and their relationships.
  • Harnessing the power of new and stronger integration
    Promote collaboration and streamline the process of delivering enterprise business solutions through tight and deep metadata integration with key systems to take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Using big data support to successfully address the most challenging data volumes in your business
    Organizations are increasingly adopting big data tooling to address the most challenging data volumes in their business. As part of this release, InfoSphere Information Server 8.7 will support big data and Hadoop, enabling you to directly access big data on a distributed file system

Examples of the significant new integration capabilities delivered as part of InfoSphere Information Server 8.7 include:

  • New Netezza connectivity is delivered as part of this release, via a Netezza Connector that provides native connectivity to the Netezza appliance and supports rapid loading of data to the appliance as well as balanced optimization, so you can easily determine and adjust where transformation will occur—in the source database using the high-performance InfoSphere DataStage engine, and/or in the target Netezza database(s).
  • A new configuration option for the database connectivity layer of Information Server creates an audit log for any database operation directly into InfoSphere Guardium
  • A new InfoSphere Change Data Capture stage, as well as expanded metadata capture with Data Replication/Change Data Delivery for end-to-end data lineage
  • A new Teradata Connector TMSM and dual load support to help Teradata users better manage disaster recovery
  • Advanced capabilities to identify, cleanse, and manage metadata for SAP projects help SAP project managers meet their go-live dates

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