Increases the availability of IMS data to support continuous availability business stategies and ensure timely data distribution of critical enterprise information.

In the last 10 years, business expectations have changed. Fail-over recovery environments are no longer the norm. Business leaders expect their mission critical workloads to be continuously available. Data replication plays a critical role in supporting and maintaining continuously available workloads and, indeed, the key role of data replication in homogeneous environments is to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, as well as to support query offload, while minimizing costs and optimizing resource utilization.

When introduced into heterogeneous environments, data replication is used either to distribute and synchronize data across multiple systems (for billing, inventory, financials, customer data, etc.) or to synchronize Operational Data Stores with reporting databases, information integration platforms, MDM systems and datamarts for business intelligence, analytics, or data consolidation & migration.

InfoSphere Data Replication for IMS for z/OS can:

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InfoSphere Data Replication for IMS for z/OS

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Details regarding hardware and software requirements for InfoSphere Data Replication for IMS for z/OS can be accessed via the product version specific link below.


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