The IMS Fast Path Solution Pack provides a complete utility set.

The IBM IMS™ Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS® is software that provides extensive and easy-to-use utilities that consist of all the functions database administrators (DBAs) need to analyze, maintain, and tune IMS databases, including features that help boost system availability, such as not having to take the IMS databases offline. This IMS utilities management tool combines several IMS products and all their features and functions into a single consolidated solution for managing IMS Fast Path databases.

Using features found in the Autonomics Director component of the IBM IMS Tools base for z/OS, database administrators can identify and perform normal functions associated with maintaining the health, performance and recoverability of the databases.

The IMS Fast Path Solution Pack is composed of the following utilities:

IBM IMS Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS

IMS Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS

The IMS Fast Path Solution Pack provides a complete utility set.

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Product included in this solution pack:

Autonomics Director

IMS Fast Path Solution Pack integrates with IBM Tools Base Autonomics Director for z/OS to help you maintain the health and performance of IMS. Autonomics Director automates recurring database monitoring and maintenance tasks, including the collection and evaluation of health statistics.

Autonomics Director works with IMS Fast Path Solution Pack to increase the efficiency of your IMS environment:


Autonomics Director supports multiple levels of automation. You can choose to automate some or all of your monitoring and maintenance tasks according to the needs of your organization. In addition, you can use Autonomics Director scheduler or your external job scheduler to arrange immediate or delayed data collection and database evaluations.

Autonomics Director resources:

Management Console

IMS Fast Path Solution Pack extends the capabilities of IBM Tools Base Management Console for z/OS, a lightweight web server that consolidates and simplifies information from IMS and DB2 for z/OS into a single, holistic, web-based interface that is accessible from a standard web browser.

Management Console consolidates information from various sources, including IMS Fast Path Solution Pack, into a single, intuitive, graphical interface. Use Management Console to manage automated database evaluations and monitor IMS environments across an enterprise. View aggregate statistics for groups of IMS resources and detailed information for individual IMS resources. Use this information to identify databases that need attention. Management Console can accelerate analysis of your IMS environment and reduce the need for advanced IMS skills.

With IMS Fast Path Solution Pack installed your environment; you can more easily administer your Fast Path (DEDB) databases by accessing the following features in Management Console:

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    Figure 1: Using Management Console, you can view detailed information about your IMS resources, including health exceptions, reports, and graphs and charts of health statistics. Context-sensitive assistance helps you understand and act on what you see.

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    Figure 2: You can use the DBD Map to monitor and manage the health of your databases. You can view a graphical visualization of database structure, and you can view the DBD macro source and the DBD XML.

Other Management Console extensions

  • IMS Database Solution Pack
    Provides database health data and enables autonomic capabilities to make it easier to administer your full-function and HALDB databases with Management Console.

Management Console resources


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