Manage and tune IMS databases in one solution

IBM® IMS™ Database Solution Pack for z/OS® enables your organization to manage IMS full function and high availability large databases (HALDBs) in one solution. It integrates all IMS database software and offers features to help ensure that your databases are tuned and operational. The solution pack helps reduce operational complexity and the impact of database reorganization on your system resources.

IMS Database Solution Pack provides the following features and benefits.

IMS Database Solution Pack for z/OS resources

Autonomics Director

IMS Database Solution Pack integrates with IBM Tools Base Autonomics Director for z/OS to help you maintain the health and performance of IMS. Autonomics Director automates recurring database monitoring and maintenance tasks, including the collection and evaluation of health statistics, and reorganizations.

Autonomics Director works with IMS Database Solution Pack to increase the efficiency of your IMS environment:


Autonomics Director supports multiple levels of automation. You can choose to automate some or all of your monitoring and maintenance tasks according to the needs of your organization. In addition, you can use Autonomics Director scheduler or your external job scheduler to arrange immediate or delayed data collection, database evaluations, and reorganizations.


In Autonomics Director, resources are organized into user-defined groups so that multiple databases in a group can be reorganized in parallel. Issuing reorganizations at the group level minimizes the duration of the end-to-end reorganization process. Managing databases in groups also ensures that the relationships between databases with external logical relationships are resolved after reorganizations complete.

Autonomics Director resources

IBM Management Console for IMS and DB2 for z/OS

Simplify management of complex system environments.

IBM®Management Console for IMS and DB2 for z/OS consolidates information from IBM IMS and IBM DB2 for z/OS systems in a single interface that is accessible from a standard web browser.

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