Transaction and database manager for critical online applications

IBM® Information Management System (IMS™) is the premier transaction and hierarchical database manager for critical online applications.

IMS 13 delivers exceptional value that benefits your bottom line, lowering your cost per transaction and speeding your time to market:

IMS 13 is the only combined database manager and transaction manager on the market today; the dual capability of IMS on IBM's System z platform delivers unprecedented levels of performance and the greatest levels of availability, reliability, and security in the industry.

IMS 13 delivers the highest level of Performance, Security, Scalability, and Availability in the industry.

IMS 13 helps lower the Total Cost of Ownership. With IMS, you can expect:

IMS 13 is at the center of your Enterprise Integration. IMS 13 enables you to:

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Transaction and database manager for critical online applications

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IMS is the high-performance application and data server for IBM System z. No other solution offers the combination of extremely high performance, scalability, rock-solid reliability, and run-time efficiency. When it comes to running core applications that are at the heart of business processing, most large corporations worldwide continue to depend on IMS.

Today's enterprise IT needs are more closely tied to businesses than ever before. Companies require efficiency to meet the cost challenges and responsiveness demanded by the global economy. Enterprise IT must support growth, enabling your business to rapidly develop new products and services to remain competitive while at the same time increasing productivity and flexibility on demand. Business today also requires IT systems to be resilient, helping reduce business risk and helping companies to comply with regulations and business processes.

IMS 13 delivers unmatched capabilities to address your on demand business needs through enhanced integration, openness, manageability, and scalability. IMS connectivity enables you to easily integrate IMS across the enterprise: trusted IMS applications and transactions become mobile and cloud applications as well as web services. New points of integration for IMS across the enterprise offer capabilities such as database visualization, query tooling support, data insight, open access, SQL and support, analytics, and more.

IMS 13 Database Manager

IMS 13 Transaction Manager

For a complete description of the IMS 13 release content, including hardware and software requirements, and migration considerations, see the IMS 13 Release Planning Guide.

IMS Enterprise Suite 3.1

The IMS Enterprise Suite is a no-charge feature of IMS that delivers support and tooling to enable open integration, new application development, and extended access to IMS transactions and data.

The IMS Mobile Feature Pack (IMS Mobile) allows you to discover, model, enable, and publish services based on trusted IMS assets. These services can be consumed by mobile and cloud applications, which can access IMS assets on z/OS in a secure, managed, governed, and optimized way.

The IMS Data Provider for Microsoft. NET provides standard SQL access to IMS data from Microsoft .NET applications. Microsoft .NET applications can transparently and directly read and manipulate IMS data without the need for intermediate steps and additional tooling to accomplish these tasks.


IBM has a long history of delivering production ready IMS tools with each release of IMS. The IMS Tools and Solutions Packs that you rely on to meet your mission critical needs are built, tested, and delivered alongside IMS, ensuring the highest levels of integration and seamlessness in the industry.


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