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IBM® ILOG® Visualization software allows business application developers to create customizable, interactive displays including diagrams, dashboards, charts, maps and project schedules on Java and Adobe Flex platforms. These visualization products include professional tools, customizable components and libraries which can help to reduce both development time and risk. The graphical interfaces help end users gain a visual and timelier understanding of their data, allowing them to respond to changes faster.

For Java development platforms, create custom, graphical components for desktop, Ajax and Eclipse displays using:

Product editions :

IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise: extends the Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR platforms by adding user interface control.
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IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise: a one stop shop of advanced graphical displays for enterprise software developers who need to build custom user interfaces.
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IBM ILOG JViews Graph Layout for Eclipse: IBM ILOG JViews Graph Layout for Eclipse enhances existing Eclipse frameworks by adding high-performance, intelligent graph layout.
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IBM ILOG JViews Maps for Defense: provides high-performance Java map displays for use in mission-critical military applications.
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IBM ILOG JViews Telecom Graphic Objects: a complete set of customizable components for building world-class Operations Support Systems user interfaces.
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