Identity and web access management helps strengthen security and compliance

Identity and Access Intelligence
Transforming Enterprise security

IBM® Security Identity and Access Manager provides automated and policy-based user lifecycle management and access controls throughout the enterprise. This integrated solution pairs IBM Security Identity Manager with IBM Security Access Manager for Web for more secure user authentication and authorization to web applications and data. Organizations can also reduce the costs and complexity of deploying and managing numerous web applications across the organization.

Security Identity and Access Manager provides:

Automated user lifecycle managementSecurity-rich access to web applications and data
  • Improves security of online resources by combining user access and web application protection.
  • Uses scalable reverse proxy as an identity firewall to centrally manage security threats.
  • Protects interaction of authorized users with web applications and servers for a more secure business experience.
Security compliance
  • Manages and prevents policy conflicts through separation-of-duty checking and enforcement.
  • Provides tools to help manage user access certification and recertification, and user provisioning as a vital part of the overall compliance posture.
  • Facilitates compliance reporting and audit processes by monitoring the infrastructure and user activity.
Convenient single sign-on (SSO)
  • Delivers seamless and secure access to web applications, both within and outside the organization.
  • Provides a single point of authentication for online portal and business resources.
  • Enables advanced log-in controls, including smart cards, certificates and multi-factor authentication.

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Identity and web access management helps strengthen security and compliance

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