Integrated identity and access assurance across web, cloud, mobile and enterprise

Manage identities and access for continuous
compliance and reduced risk

IBM® Security Identity and Access Assurance is an integrated identity and access management solution that provides automated identity and access management for various environments. They include enterprise, web, and cloud. The solution can help administer, protect, and monitor user access to online resources across the enterprise for improved security and compliance.

IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance centralizes and automates management of user profiles, authentication, access privileges and audit policy—then closes the loop with user monitoring and activity reporting to detect situations out of compliance with security policy. Now you can improve identity assurance, reduce security risks and protect IT resources.

Security Identity and Access Assurance:

Includes four IBM Security software products

Provides automated and policy-based identity and access management

Helps manage security and compliance

IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance resources

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