Add telephony and voice capabilities to optimize systems integration

IBM® Sametime® Unified Telephony integrates telecommunications into your existing unified communications (UC) environment so people can use more cost-effective telephony features through systems integration. It provides one-number access to any device through rules-based intelligence, in-call management features and a softphone that allows users to place and receive calls from virtually anywhere. This system integration software masks the complexity of back-end integration with a middleware layer that provides connectivity to multiple telephone systems—both IP private branch exchange (PBX) and legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) systems—allowing you to take advantage of your existing infrastructure.

IBM Sametime Unified Telephony features include:

Presence and telephony awareness, unified phone numbers and incoming call management

Softphone, click-to-call, click-to-conference and call control features

IBM Sametime Unified Telephony dialer on Apple iOS and Google Android devices

A simple, consistent user communications experience on the desktop client

A unified communications platform

IBM Sametime Unified Telephony resources

System Requirements

Support from IBM® Global Technology Services and IBM Business Partners

IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Testing Program

In response to widespread industry support for IBM Sametime Unified Telephony software, IBM has launched a testing program. This unified communications program allows third-party vendors and key IBM Business Partners to test a product’s interoperability with IBM software. This testing helps ensure that customers will be able to easily implement IBM Sametime Unified Telephony into their existing IT environment. (Note that customer projects might have unique characteristics, which need to be verified as part of the deployment and which may result in configuration changes to existing PBXs, gateways, and/or IBM Sametime Unified Telephony software as part of their deployment.)

Participants include:

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