Reduce cost, risk, and complexity of managing servers, desktops, laptops, point-of-sale and other devices

IBM BigFix Lifecycle helps find and fix problems in minutes across all endpoints –fixed, mobile, physical and virtual.

With BigFix Query you can accurately identify and inspect endpoints through a user friendly web interface and simple, intuitive questions. You can learn which policies are enforced and which applications and services are installed; examine files and system configuration settings to help you identify additional security threats.

Deployed in as little as a few hours, IBM BigFix Lifecycle can help you:

Manage your endpoints

Address the full system lifecycle

Reduce management complexity and cost

Clustered Server Patching (aka Advanced Patching)

Simplify operations and deliver comprehensive visibility and control

IBM BigFix Lifecycle

Product Details

Asset Discovery and Inventory

Creates dynamic situational awareness about changing conditions in the infrastructure. The ability to run distributed scans on the entire network frequently delivers pervasive visibility and control to help ensure that organizations quickly identify all IP-addressable devices—including network devices and peripherals such as printers, scanners, routers and switches in addition to computer endpoints—with minimal network impact.

Software distribution

Provides policy-based installation, closed-loop verification and the ability to manage software distribution across Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS platforms from a single, unified point of control. The solution delivers high first-pass success rates with minimal impact on network performance.

Operating System deployment

Delivers centralized control and automation to simplify bare-metal deployment of Windows images to new workstations, laptops and servers throughout the network, as well as OS migration and refresh for existing endpoints. At the same time, it reduces management costs, minimizes impact on end users, ensures compliance with organizational OS standards and reduces risks associated with non-compliant or insecure configurations.

Patch Management

Patch management includes comprehensive capabilities for delivering patches for Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS and for third-party applications, including Adobe, Mozilla, Apple and Java, to distributed endpoints—regardless of their location, connection type or status. A single management server can support up to 250,000 endpoints, shortening patch times with no loss of endpoint functionality, even over low-bandwidth or globally distributed networks. Virtual patch management capabilities enable off line patching, making stale virtual machine images a thing of the past.

Remote desktop control

Provides support and control for Windows and Linux desktops, laptops and servers throughout the distributed environment from a central location. The desktop control features enable management and troubleshooting of systems that can streamline IT functions and reduce the workload on an organization’s help desk, even across Internet-brokered connections.

Power Management

BigFix provides policy-driven power management software that enables you to create and enforce conservation policies infrastructure-wide. It provides the needed granularity to apply power management policies to a single computer. Reduce energy use and costs while avoiding system disruptions.

Server Automation

Server automation enables users to perform advanced automation tasks across servers, including task sequencing. This product offers a rich set of prebuilt automation scripts and enables users to create and re-use their own automation flows. You gain enterprise application scalability with minimal infrastructure investment, enforcement of near real-time endpoint configuration policies and automated feature and content updates.

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