Customer experience management software enables more engaging, personalized digital experiences

What's New
IBM Digital Experience V9 is now available,
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What's New
IBM Digital Experience V9 is now
available,click to learn more

IBM® Customer Experience Suite delivers rich, engaging and personalized web experiences through multiple channels. This customer experience management software integrates social and mobile technologies with content and analytics to help you anticipate customer needs and build brand loyalty. IBM Customer Experience Suite helps you respond to individual expectations, reach more customers and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

IBM Customer Experience Suite helps y ou:






IBM Customer Experience Suite resources

  • Personalization

    Improve online experiences by using customer experience management software to deliver highly targeted and dynamic content to customers.

  • Communities

    Create, find, join, and work with communities to grow customer interest and knowledge, deepen engagement, and improve self service.

  • Profiles

    Help customers discover experts or similar users to connect with by using tags to identify expertise and responsibilities.

  • Integration

    Leverage existing investment in components & applications developed using a range of supported tools and frameworks.

  • Branding

    Create and deploy custom-branded customer experiences with simple-to-use customer experience management software capabilities.

  • Analytics

    Use powerful customer experience management software tools to analyze social trends, user activities and content throughout your environment and benefit from knowledge-driven search.

  • eForms

    Automate forms-based processes to improve efficiency and become more responsive to customer and market needs.

  • Collaboration

    Access and interact with people, information and project materials more effectively to improve customer service.

  • Files and content libraries

    Post, share, and discover documents, presentations, images, and organize and share more quickly.

  • Mobile

    Gain secure and optimized access to corporate assets and information, and collaborate on the go.

  • Content management

    Empower content owners to quickly create and manage rich web content without IT involvement.

  • Blogs and wikis

    Improve loyalty by providing simple ways for customers to provide feedback and ideas.

  • Templates

    Speed site deployments and get started quickly with sample templates.

  • Tags and ratings

    Allow customers to share their opinions using customer experience management software.

  • Security

    Choose the combination of authentication, authorization and single sign-on (SSO) that best meets your security needs.

  • Activities

    Organize work, plan next steps, tap networks, and gather information to meet customer objectives.

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