Improve productivity with online document collaborative editing

IBM® Connections Docs is a socially enabled online office productivity suite that makes it easier for business teams to create and allow for collaborative editing of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents in real time. This online document editor provides key collaborative services such as coediting, file management and contextual commenting (so you can see who typed what). IBM Connections Docs helps save time by reducing the review and rework cycles associated with creating team-based business documents.

IBM Connections Docs helps you:

Significantly improve productivity

Reduce IT costs

Support both Microsoft Office and OpenDocument

Work seamlessly with Apache OpenOffice

Provide choice and flexibility in deployment

IBM® Connections Docs 2.0 with open API provides organizations with co-editing capability across multiple social environments and enables integration with numerous repositories — making it easier to work in hybrid collaborative settings. The software brings teams together on one platform where they can create client presentations, review budget spreadsheets or revise product documentation. Joint assignments can be performed in one sitting with the entire team irrespective of their location. The web-based editor provides capabilities that most users will require on a regular basis, and power users will benefit from collaborative editing — with complex functions preserved for offline use.

The lightweight application can be quickly deployed in your organization, and a simple interface makes it convenient for employees to start immediately. IBM Connections Docs makes version control simpler and easier for teams to collaborate and avoid multiple reviews and rework cycles.

The key features in IBM Connections Docs 2.0 are:


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