Improves facility planning and increases facility utilization

IBM® TRIRIGA® Facility Management Software products provide strategic facilities planning, implementation and management capabilities. These products enable you to centralize and integrate critical facility management processes, increase space utilization within facilities, and accelerate the configuration of your organization’s workplace.

Product editions:

IBM TRIRIGA CAD Integrator/Publisher: Allows facility planners to work either directly in a CAD application or in IBM TRIRIGA applications and dynamically link IBM TRIRIGA to CAD drawings and Building Information Models (BIM). It provides graphic representations of workspaces, equipment and organizations and enables you to visually manage facilities using floor plans and drawings created with AutoCAD and MicroStation.
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IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Manager: Assists with facility planning and increases facility utilization.
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IBM TRIRIGA Strategic Facility Planning: Simplify strategic space planning analysis to increase facility utilization.
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IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Performance Management Facilities: Provides business analytics to identify underperforming facilities, resources and facility management processes. It measures the financial performance and utilization of facilities and monitors facility costs and utilization rates to support continuous performance improvements.

IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Reservation Manager: Increases the utilization of shared facilities, workspaces and assets. It automates reservation processes and provides self-service tools to help increase the utilization of shared resources and reduce administrative costs. Additionally, it integrates with work order and purchasing systems to deliver related services, such as food delivery and cleaning.

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