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Improve outcomes and decisions with predictive analytics

IBM® SPSS® Modeler is an extensive predictive analytics platform that is designed to bring predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, systems and the enterprise. By providing a range of advanced algorithms and techniques that include text analytics, entity analytics, decision management and optimization, SPSS Modeler can help you consistently make the right decisions—from the desktop or within operational systems.

Improve decisions and outcomes

Extract value from data

More easily integrate into your existing systems

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Product editions:

IBM SPSS Modeler: By integrating predictive analytics with decision management, scoring and optimization in your organization's processes and operational systems, SPSS Modeler helps your users and systems make the right decision every time.
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IBM SPSS Modeler Advantage Enterprise Marketing Management Edition:
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IBM SPSS Modeler Gold on Cloud: All the capabilities of SPSS Modeler Gold, on the cloud
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IBM SPSS Modeler for Linux on System z: Merges the predictive power of SPSS Modeler with the performance, security and scalability of the System z platform.

IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Enterprise: Brings together the full set of predictive analytics and deployment capabilities needed to optimize decision-making at the point of impact.
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