Reduce operational costs by minimizing resources required to manage complex thresholds

IBM Operations Analytics

IBM® Operations® Analytics – Predictive Insights can provide early problem detection to predict application, middleware or infrastructure problems before they impact service. The software helps you avoid outages and increase service performance.

IBM Operations Analytics – Predictive Insights helps you:

Avoid outages

Perform faster root cause analysis

Reduce operational costs

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Real business, real results

IBM Operations Analytics helped detect 100 percent of the major incidents that occurred, including silent failures, and helped us eliminate manual thresholds, which will result in a cost avoidance of USD300,000 annually.

Chris Smith, Director, Tools and Automation, Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.

Hardware requirements:

The hardware requirements vary according to the number of metric streams that are to be collected, processed, and the processing interval.

Minimum requirements:

Software requirements:

Browser: Firefox 24 or higher, Microsoft IE 9, 10, 11

Visit the Software Product Compatibility Reports for Operations Analytics at

Minimum requirements:

Visit the Software Product Compatibility Reports for Operations Analytics at

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