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IBM® Operational Decision Manager on Cloud is a cloud service that helps you capture, automate and manage frequently occurring, repeatable rules-based business decisions. It enables business users to quickly initiate business rules management projects at lower costs by reducing the need for IT assistance and hardware and software acquisitions.

IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud is packaged in a monthly subscription and includes tooling and run time for building and deploying rules-based applications. It is available exclusively on the IBM cloud infrastructure, which is managed by IBM to help ensure security and availability.

IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud provides similar collaborative, role-based capabilities as IBM Operational Decision Manager Standard on-premises version.

  • Delivers fast time to value, scalability and availability with a cloud-based environment.
  • Reduces costs and effort of business rules management projects.
  • Includes IBM Decision Center integrated repository and management components to enable business users to maintain and govern business decisions.
  • Includes IBM Decision Server Rules to provide the runtime components to automate decision logic.

Delivers fast time to value, scalability and availability

  • Enables process owners and business users to get started within 48 hours.
  • Enables varying workloads and simplifies moving to higher capacity environments.
  • Offers the reliability and security of the IBM SoftLayer® environment.
  • Supports high availability through IBM management and operation.

Reduces costs and effort

  • Eliminates purchasing of hardware, perpetual software licenses or installation services to reduce capital expenditures in hardware and investment in IT skills.
  • Lowers maintenance and upgrade costs by continuously delivering the latest features.
  • Provides a readily available operational decision management (ODM) cloud environment for development, testing and production.

Includes IBM Decision Center integrated repository and management components

  • Provides business user interfaces, allowing business users to update and govern their decisions and to collaborate and share expertise through social media style communication.
  • Provides a decision governance framework, including role-based security, built-in release management cycle, historical reporting as well as testing and simulation capabilities.
  • Improves communication and collaboration between IT and business functions through a centralized decision management repository and shared governance controls.
  • Accelerates the decision update process and maintenance lifecycle, and evolves based on new external and internal requirements.
  • Delivers a configurable, non-technical rule language and capabilities, allowing business users to maintain decision logic.

Includes IBM Decision Server Rules

  • Delivers high performance execution engines to support critical decision points that can be found in business process or service oriented architecture (SOA) applications.
  • Provides a unified application development environment using Eclipse-based tools.

IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions about the cloud services of IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud

Where is the cloud data located?

The service is hosted in IBM SoftLayer® data centers worldwide. Active subscriptions will generally have access to the service from the closest IBM SoftLayer data center.

As IBM SoftLayer expands into more countries, IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud (ODM on Cloud) can be hosted in those data centers. This IBM SoftLayer announcement describes IBM plans for expanding worldwide.


Where can I find the Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

The SLA is part of the ODM on Cloud Terms of Use. IBM makes a reasonable business effort to provide 100 percent availability to the IBM ODM on Cloud service, excluding scheduled maintenance.

You can learn more about the Terms of Use agreement for the SLA under IBM Software as a Service (SaaS) terms—see Smarter Process.

How is scheduled maintenance managed?

The ODM on Cloud operations team notifies all users of any planned outages at least 72 hours in advance of any planned maintenance. All users are notified by an email notification that is sent to the user ID (the email address with which the users registered).

There is no preset frequency of patches or scheduled maintenance; these occur only as needed with advanced notification to all users. ODM on Cloud might have multiple updates within a given year. Software functional and security patches are applied as needed to stay current and resolve potential issues.

How is Disaster Recovery managed?

Each instance of ODM on Cloud is backed up every 24 hours to an encrypted vault that is located at a different data center on the IBM SoftLayer network. This process helps ensure that an instance can be recovered to a point no more than 24 hours of age if there is a loss of the service at a given data center.

The service provides a clustered production run environment for high availability and is configured with High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) primary and back up databases. Also, IBM SoftLayer provides robust hardware, such as Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) 10 storage, to provide high availability.

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