What is IBM MQ?

IBM® MQ is messaging middleware that simplifies and accelerates the integration of diverse applications and business data across multiple platforms. It uses message queues to facilitate the exchange of information between applications, systems, services and files and simplify the creation and maintenance of business applications. It delivers universal messaging with a broad set of offerings to meet enterprise-wide messaging needs, as well as connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices.

The Benefits of IBM MQ

  • Rapid, seamless connectivity: Offers a single, robust and trusted messaging backbone for dynamic heterogeneous environments.
  • Secure, reliable message delivery: Preserves message integrity and helps minimize risk of information loss.
  • Lower cost of ownership: Reduces cost of integration and accelerates time to deployment.

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Rapid, seamless connectivity of information with a single, robust and trusted messaging backbone for dynamic heterogeneous environments.

  • Provides a comprehensive, secure and reliable messaging solution to support conventional and emerging messaging needs.
  • Integrates with a mix of heterogeneous applications with support for multiple platform configurations, including industry-standard JMS messaging, scalable publish-subscribe (pub-sub) and a choice of application programming interfaces (API).
  • Offers an integrated solution for comprehensive managed file transfer, with connectivity to mobile devices through a single messaging layer.
  • Supports a wide range of messaging needs, including point-to-point, pub-sub and file transfer.
  • Adds transformation, intelligent routing and information flow modeling to the IBM MQ messaging backbone using the IBM Integration Bus.

High-performance and scalable message transfer to meet the demands of today’s enterprise and beyond.

  • Flexible solution that allows rapid response to changes, reducing the need to modify code in the applications.
  • Highly scalable solution that can address evolving workloads and new mobile and cloud deployments.
  • Highly available solution with fully automated failover.
  • Dynamically distributed messaging workloads available through clustering.
  • High throughput, low-latency solution with support for Multicast.

Secure, reliable message delivery that preserves message integrity and minimizes risk of information loss.

  • Assures delivery of information - once and only once - with the highest quality of service.
  • Ensures real-time information is available and accessible from anywhere, at any time.
  • Provides reliable delivery, without message loss, duplication or complex recovery, if the network should fail.
  • Preserves message integrity throughout the network.
  • Protects sensitive data with security rich functions, including full authentication (based on OS or LDAP, if required), encryption when moving and at rest and message integrity, helping to ensure compliance with regulatory policies.
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Simplified management and control for better control and usability.

  • Integrates capabilities of IBM MQ with IBM Managed File Transfer, IBM Advanced Message Security and IBM MQ Telemetry in a single offering - IBM MQ Advanced.
  • Uses a single installation process for deploying the full set of IBM MQ capabilities in distributed environments.
  • Allows complete visibility and tracking of messages and files for gaining insights through a single dashboard view.
  • Permits a quick audit of the movement of data and completion of transactions.
  • Simplifies application integration tasks by using a function-rich, easy-to-use application development interface with full code access for development.

Lower cost of ownership by reducing cost of integration and accelerating time to deployment.

  • Reduces the cost and effort associated with managing multiple solutions using a unified messaging solution.
  • Lessens the complexity of application design and maintenance, thus reduces integration costs and time.
  • Reduces the cost of connecting applications through a rich set of connectivity functions.
  • Eliminates the need to write complex communications code, offering a choice of simple API options.

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What's new

IBM® MQ V9 delivers a set of themes that will be incrementally enhanced over the lifecycle of the offering. The continuous delivery release (CDR) model enables new functions to be added to each of the themes, allowing for rapid response to customer-critical requirements. The first update in the CDR stream is available with IBM MQ V9.0.1. IBM MQ V9.0.1 comes with a browser-based tooling option called the MQ Console, updated managed file transfer (MFT) and representational state transfer (REST) application programming interface (API).

The themes for IBM MQ V9 are:

New delivery model

Add new function and enhancements incrementally to support agile adoption.

Rapid provisioning

Enable self-service provisioning with simplified definition, deployment and management of MQ on premises, off premises or hybrid.

Dynamic resourcing

Scale elastically with enterprise messaging that responds to the more dynamic needs of the connected business.

Change without impacting applications

Connect to IBM MQ rather than a specific queue manager.

Painless data protection

Reduce performance overheads by providing new encryption options for messages in Advanced Message Security.

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IBM MQ for Multiplatforms V9 offers a reliable, secure, and robust messaging solution for deployments on premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

Version-to-version Comparison - IBM MQ enhancements at a glance
New and enhanced features & functions MQ V7. 5 MQ V8 MQ V9 MQ V9.0.X [CDR]
MQ Console       X
REST API for web-based tools       X
MFT Agent standlone download       X
FTP bridge retry time limit added       X
New faster, encryption only AMS Policy     X X
Wider AMS Support for Java runtimes     X X
Client configuration remotely, accessible via URL     X X
Simple subscription-based monitoring and activity trace     X X
Improvements to standards and currency with 64 bit server support for all queue manager platforms   X X X
Enhanced support for JMS 2.0 and .Net   X X X
Integration of AMS and MFT capabilities into z/OS and IBM i platforms   X X X
Routed publish-subscribe in clusters for greater scalability   X X X
Increased security with new authentication capabilities   X X X
Increased functionality in IBM MQ Telemetry   X X X
Special Licensing for developers X X X X
JavaScript™ messaging API for use with MQTT X X X X
Support for native iOS and Android applications X X X X
Integrated Managed File Transfer X X X X
Integrated Advanced Message Security X X X X
Integrated Telemetry X X X X
Multi-version install capability on distributed platforms X X X X
Cloud support X X X X
Multicast capability X X X X
Extension to support for .NET APIs X X X X
Multiple instance queue managers and automatic client reconnect for higher availability X X X X
Enhanced SSL security support X X X X
Service Definition wizard X X X X
IBM Message Service Client for .NET developers X X X X
Windows® Communication Framework support for .NET developers X X X X
New cross-platform configuration tooling X X X X
Local, direct client connections or connections via intermediate queue manager X X X X
Supports SSL for secure communication X X X X
New options to be put on the “right mouse button” menus for objects X X X X
New top-level entities (like “queue managers” and “QSGs”) X X X X
Plug-ins do not need to duplicate configuration work X X X X

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