Accelerate growth by exploiting reliable, robust, industry-leading messaging solution

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IBM® MQ is robust messaging middleware that simplifies and accelerates the integration of diverse applications and business data across multiple platforms. IBM MQ facilitates the assured, secure and reliable exchange of information between applications, systems, services and file by sending and receiving message data via messaging queues, thereby simplifying the creation and maintenance of business applications. It delivers Universal Messaging with a broad set of offerings to meet enterprise-wide messaging needs, as well as connectivity for the internet of things and mobile devices.

IBM MQ Advanced for Developers is available at no-charge for development purposes for Windows and Linux platforms. There is also a no-charge, 90-day trial for all platforms.

IBM MQ provides:

Rapid, seamless connectivity of information

Secure, reliable message delivery

High performance and scalable message transfer

Simplified management and control

Lower cost of ownership

IBM MQ Light

Make it easier for developers to incorporate asynchronous messaging into applications and optionally deploy against MQ.

IBM MQ Appliance M2000

Get IBM MQ performance with the rapid deployment of an appliance.

IBM MQ Advanced

All the leading MQ capabilities offered in a single package

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Accelerate growth by exploiting reliable, robust, industry-leading messaging solution

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IBM MQ V8.0 delivers comprehensive, secure and high-performing messaging – when and where you need it. This enterprise messaging engine is available on most platforms. The Advanced Message Security and Managed File Transfer are now available across a wide range of MQ platforms – including a first time offering on the IBM i platform. With improved scalability, security and file transfer, V8.0 also includes updates to standards and currency.

IBM MQ V8.0 enhancements deliver improved scalability, increased functionality and enhanced security with:

  • Expanded support for updated standards, 64-bit queue managers and multiple transmission queues defined for use in a clustered queue manager on all platforms.
  • Queue manager scaling and multiplexed client performance for better operability and performance.
  • Enhanced security with new authentication capability using an identity defined to the operating system instance in which the queue manager is running or to retrieve identity from an LDAP repository.
  • Enhanced scalability with new publish-subscribe deployments available through clustering.
  • Increased functionality for a comprehensive messaging solution.
  • Improved file transfer options using IBM Sterling Control Center and Connect:Direct.

Upgrade for significant performance, scalability and security gains

  • Improvements in vertical scaling and improved exploitation of the larger symmetric multi-processing (SMP) machines can help enable enhanced performance for real-world deployments rather than be tuned for benchmarks.
  • SHA2 encryption and the AMS offering are on every platform. With IBM MQ V8, you can authenticate using an identity defined to the OS instance in which IBM MQ is running. For non-IBM z/OS platforms, you can also retrieve the identity from an external repository such as LDAP. You can use this feature in place of the previous MQ authentication method. This new authentication feature will help reduce the administration tasks of defining and removing users, especially for multiple systems.
  • Queue management and publish and subscribe in clusters boost performance as well as security. With this version you can assign roles to queue managers in a cluster. A subset of those queue managers in a cluster can be configured for more efficient routing of messages. Additionally, you can support the propagation of publications that can then help publish-subscribe configurations scale more effectively.

Performance points of IBM MQ V8

  • Early measurements of opening and closing queues show these tasks can be up to five times faster in the new release.
  • Persistent and non-persistent messaging shows 25-30 percent improvements for some deployments.
  • On Linux, small non-persistent messages performance is increased by 77 percent since the previous release.
  • On AIX, small persistent messages are boosted by 16 percent.
  • On Windows, small persistent message throughput is increased by 37 percent.
  • On Windows, large non-persistent message throughput is increased by 180 percent.
  • On IBMi, the time taken to connect to large numbers of MQ Clients has been reduced by 75 percent.
  • On z/OS, the improvement in buffer pool support means CPU costs for MQGET can be reduced by up to 50 percent.
  • Also for z/OS, the time taken to retrieve an 8KB message from buffers is reduced by 97 percent compared to reading from a pageset.


  • Support for MQ 7.0.x ends on 30 September 2015.
  • You can obtain the new enhanced functions offered in IBM MQ V8.0 by migrating directly to V8.0 from WebSphere MQ V7.0.1, V7.1 or V7.5 -- without migrating to an interim version or release.

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The latest release of IBM MQ delivers comprehensive, secure and high-performing messaging – when and where you need it. It is available on most platforms with Advanced Message Security and Managed File Transfer now available across a wide range of MQ platforms – including a first time offering on the IBM i platform.

Version-2-version Comparison - IBM MQ enhancements at a glance
New and enhanced features & functions MQ V7.1 MQ V7. 5 MQ V8
Improvements to standards and currency with 64 bit server support for all queue manager platforms

Enhanced support for JMS 2.0 and .Net

Integration of AMS and MFT capabilities into z/OS and IBM i platforms

Routed publish-subscribe in clusters for greater scalability

Increased security with new authentication capabilities

Increased functionality in IBM MQ Telemetry

Improved file transfer options using IBM Sterling Control Center and Connect:Direct

Special Licensing for developers
JavaScript™ messaging API for use with MQTT
Support for native iOS and Android applications
Integrated Managed File Transfer
Integrated Advanced Message Security
Integrated Telemetry X X X
Multi-version install capability on distributed platforms X X X
Cloud support X X X
Multicast capability X X X
Extension to support for .NET APIs X X X
Multiple instance queue managers and automatic client reconnect for higher availability X X X
Enhanced SSL security support X X X
Service Definition wizard X X X
IBM Message Service Client for .NET developers X X X
Windows® Communication Framework support for .NET developers X X X
New cross-platform configuration tooling X X X
Local, direct client connections or connections via intermediate queue manager X X X
Supports SSL for secure communication X X X
New options to be put on the “right mouse button” menus for objects X X X
New top-level entities (like “queue managers” and “QSGs”) X X X
Plug-ins do not need to duplicate configuration work X X X

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