Continuous delivery of high quality mobile apps

IBM® MobileFirst Quality Assurance, part of the IBM MobileFirst Platform, takes mobile application testing beyond the test lab by directly engaging with testers and end users in the process. Their feedback is gathered and assessed throughout the lifecycle, providing insights for enhancing your DevOps approach for rapid mobile app delivery. For line of business professionals and development teams, IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance helps prioritize mobile app quality and performance issues.

IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance features:

User feedback and sentiment analysis

Automated crash analytics

In-app bug reporting

Over-the-air app build distribution

Evidence-based prioritization

IBM MobileFirst Platform Quality Assurance resources

For your convenience, the System Requirements for IBM MobileFirst Quality Assurance reports have been organized into a single document from which you can select your reports by version, operating system and component.

If you prefer, you can manually generate up-to-date system requirement reports from the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

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