Scalable, always-on NoSQL database for private, public, and hybrid clouds

IBM® MobileFirst Platform Cloudant® Data Layer Local Edition is a database management system (DBSM) designed from the ground up to support today's scaling demands. IBM MobileFirst Platform Cloudant Local is a great complement to Cloudant's cloud-based service. It can be run either in concert with the cloud — to support load spikes — or just within your data centers — to support privacy.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Cloudant Local includes all the key features of Cloudant's SaaS offering: robust data synchronization with mobile devices, analytics views, text search and advanced geo-spatial capabilities, all wrapped up in an intuitive dashboard. But you run it within your own controlled environment.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Cloudant Local can be licensed month-by-month or on a perpetual basis, and includes a full suite of tools to help you set up and monitor your database deployment.

Cloudant forms the ideal data backend for your mobile applications:

  • Elastic Scalability – Lets you scale data with demand, with the ability to span multiple data centers or cloud providers.
  • Data Synchronicity – Host data globally to reduce latency and eliminate single points of failure.
  • Geo-Mobility – Manage data locally on a device, and make use of advanced geospatial capabilities to simplify development of location-based apps.

Elastic Scalability

  • Scale on demand with data spanning multiple data centers or cloud providers.
  • Offers hybrid, heterogeneous cloud support to provide flexible deployment.
  • Lets you deploy in private data centers or move to public cloud providers depending on regulatory, business or security requirements.

Data Synchronicity

  • Helps reduce latency and connect users to the closest copy of data by leveraging a globally distributed database.
  • Provides multiple copies (replicas) of the data, which can reduce possibility of a single point of failure.
  • Allows you to read from and write to replicas for better scalability and data durability.


  • Uses mobile synchronization, enabling mobile apps to collect and read data even if network connectivity is unavailable.
  • Provides integrated, advanced geospatial capabilities to move data closer to users.

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