Enables hybrid messaging, streaming analytics and innovation in a microservices framework

IBM Message Hub on Bluemix

IBM Message Hub on Bluemix

IBM® Message Hub is a fully managed, cloud-based messaging service. It is built on Apache Kafka and is available through IBM Bluemix® Platform as a Service (PaaS)* for developers—both in Bluemix Public and Bluemix Dedicated.

IBM Message Hub enables development in a microservices framework. Microservices accelerate integration to help you use applications and data to respond quickly to business demands and create innovative solutions. For example, IBM Message Hub enables you to stream batch and real-time data to analytics applications to gain greater insight and advantage from your information.

IBM Message Hub is available in Bluemix Public, offering a cost-effective, multi-tenant option. Developers can choose from a range of managed Bluemix services and use them together to innovate at speed.

IBM Message Hub is also available in Bluemix Dedicated. Bluemix Dedicated provides you with the power and simplicity of Bluemix in your own dedicated IBM SoftLayer® environment that is securely connected to both the Bluemix Public environment and your own network.

IBM Message Hub provides messaging for services inside and outside of Bluemix. It can also be used by those who are extending their on-premises IBM MQ infrastructure into the cloud through integration with IBM MQ. IBM Message Hub offers a range of protocols and delivers asynchronous messaging, error handling and load balancing.

New IBM Message Hub features can be trialed by using the Message Hub Incubator, a permanently experimental service in IBM Bluemix.

*Bluemix supports a range of programming languages and services to help you create, deploy and manage applications in the cloud.

IBM Message Hub:

Supports a microservices framework

Accelerates application and data integration

Offers an ideal messaging engine for large-scale message processing

Improves developers’ ease of use and productivity

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