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Today's businesses rely on mobile devices and their apps to make mission-critical decisions from any location. Whether they are in hard hat areas, around the operating table, or inside the factory, the extra durability afforded by rugged devices is crucial in achieving total reliability.

IBM MaaS360 Ruggedized Device Management makes it easy to view, manage and secure rugged Android devices in parallel with other smartphones, tablets, and laptops in your environment. After completing a quick, easy, over-the-air mobile device management (MDM) enrollment process, you can begin configuring rugged devices for secure enterprise resource access and optimizing them with the right apps and content.

MaaS360 Ruggedized Device Management includes support for:

  • Rugged Android mobile devices running version 2.2+
  • Cross-industry use cases including healthcare, retail, healthcare, transportation and distribution
  • Android for Work in kiosk deployments
  • Google Play™ and enterprise app management for a personalized workplace experience
  • Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes, and Google Apps™ with secure content collaboration, edit and sync

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