What is IBM Journey Designer?

IBM® Journey Designer is software that allows you to begin creating journey maps in minutes. Marketing, sales and customer service can collaboratively visualize cross-channel journeys, set common marketing goals and design tailored customer experiences for dozens of priority segments in a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. You can have conversations, send files and notify team members of important activities while building your customer journeys.

The Benefits of IBM Journey Designer

  • Intentionally design customer experiences—Create journey mapping to deliver outcomes to meet your business objectives.
  • Execute online and offline channels cohesively—Connect to a large number of partner and IBM solutions to achieve ROI in the shortest time.
  • Evaluate in near real-time and make adjustments—Quickly update your experience based upon results aligned to each step in the journey map.

Get insights and support

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Intentionally design customer experiences

  • Manage buyer journey maps to deliver outcomes for each segment driving to your business goals.
  • Collaborate across marketing roles and agency partners to communicate tasks and manage timelines to get to market on time.
  • Achieve greater alignment across channels using the context of the holistic experience.
  • Build a content plan that saves time and money by keeping you focused on exactly what is needed in each journey map and knowing its performance.
  • Reduce time by consolidating the customer journey map across tactics to deliver personalized experiences.

IBM Journey Designer Tutorial

Execute online and offline channels cohesively

  • Have team conversations, post files and send one another notifications to actively stay engaged while in market.
  • Assign requests and track tasks to meet your deadlines.
  • Set objectives for individual interaction points to manage eventual outcomes.

Evaluate in near real-time and make adjustments

  • Review in-market outcomes within the storyboard in near real-time.
  • Reduce costly errors and gain process efficiencies by using one source of information.
  • Notify one or more of your teammates of information such as conversion events for review, which may drive updates or immediate interventions.

IBM Journey Analytics Overview

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