Fully managed cloud environment to deploy and manage integration solutions

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IBM® Integration Bus on Cloud offers deployment, visibility and management of integrations in a cloud environment.

It enables you to get started with IT asset integration quickly with a readily available, cloud-based environment hosted in IBM cloud data centers and managed by IBM.

IBM Integration Bus on Cloud delivers an environment that is both highly scalable and protected by IBM cloud security strategies to enable you to develop and deploy integrations that are ready when you are.

IBM Integration Bus on Cloud enables you to:

Reduce costs, accelerate time to value and foster innovation

Take advantage of an integration platform that’s ready when you are

Improve security, scalability and availability

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IBM Integration Bus on Cloud

For a technical comparison of the editions please use visit the IBM Integration Bus knowledge center.

What do you need in your business? IBM Integration Bus Standard IBM Integration Bus Advanced
  Most suitable option for those that have a broad set of connectivity requirements who do not need to scale.  Most suitable option if you want high performance with the broadest range of applications and data, manage large volumes of business critical traffic and want the most flexibile capabilities in managing your data.
Market-leading integration software  YES YES
A large range of connectivity options YES YES
Development tools that are easy to install and use YES YES
Flexibility for administrators with a wide range of features  YES YES
Extensibility to Cloud YES YES
Support for Mobile integration  YES YES
Support for the API economy YES YES
Support for Big Data analytics  YES YES
Additional connectors for advanced use cases YES YES
Isolation between different integration projects NO YES

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