Secure, integrate and optimize access across multiple channels with purpose-built gateways

IBM DataPower Gateways
Strategic Overview

IBM DataPower Gateway is a purpose-built security and integration platform for mobile, cloud, application programming interface (API), web, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business-to-business (B2B) workloads. It enables you to rapidly expand the scope of valuable IT assets to new channels and use cases and reach customers, partners and employees. It helps to more quickly secure, integrate, control and optimize access to a range of workloads through a single, extensible, DMZ-ready gateway.

IBM DataPower Gateway is available in both physical and virtual form factors. It delivers Docker container support, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) virtual server support using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, enhanced API and mobile security.

IBM has announced IBM® DataPower® Operations Dashboard—an advanced operations console designed for real-time visibility and centralized operations of IBM DataPower networks. It enables faster problem determination and improves operational resilience.

Features and capabilities of IBM DataPower Gateways

Plan, merge and secure new channels

Securing and Scaling Mobile Workloads

Secure Enterprise Integration for System z

Optimizing Your Application Server Infrastructure

Product editions:

IBM DataPower Gateway: Is a purpose-built security and integration platform for mobile, cloud, API, web, SOA and B2B workloads.

IBM DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition: Is purpose-built gateway functionality in a virtual appliance to rapidly secure and optimize workloads on supported hypervisor and cloud platforms.

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