Business and technical data models for the energy & utilities industry.

IBM Data Model for Energy and Utilities offers a robust set of business and technical data models that are extensible and scalable to fit the unique requirements of the energy and utilities industry.

IBM Data Model for Energy and Utilities offers:

Data Models Core Framework

Rapid prototyping of analytics and reporting data requirements

Industry Standard Alignment

IFE Alignment

In addition to delivering selected regulatory and business content, it can help lower the total cost of ownership through integrated offerings that include tooling such as InfoSphere Data Architect (IDA), hardware and software solutions such as IBM PureData System for Analytics, and solutions that simplify implementation and maintenance.

IBM Data Model for Energy & Utilities v2.1 contains enhancements in the following areas:

Asset Capex/Opex Supporting Data
Outage & ERT Communications
Weather & Impacts
Work Budget & Forecasting
Meter Channels
Distributed Generation
T&D Asset Model Enrichment

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