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IBM® Connections™ Social Cloud is an innovative set of web-based collaboration services combined with social network software. Delivered as software as a service from the IBM Cloud Marketplace, IBM Connections Social Cloud includes file networking and storage, business instant messaging, activity management and social network software. These affordable collaboration tools provide ease of use and can help you reduce costs, improve productivity and spur growth and innovation.

Connections Social Cloud, one of the three Connections Cloud family offerings, enables you to:

Collaborate more quickly and easily

Make the most of the cloud

Access full-featured collaboration tools and social network software

Use affordable and accessible cloud services

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The chart below helps illustrate what capabilities are included in each Connection Cloud solution, and can help you determine which capabilities best suit your business collaboration needs. 



IBM Connections Cloud S1


IBM Connections Cloud S2

IBM Connections Social Cloud

IBM Verse 

IBM Connections Meetings Cloud

Securely store, sync, manage and share files with colleagues.

Manage your contacts and connect with experts.

Mail and Calendar
Stay on top of your email and effectively manage your time.


Share information, files, bookmarks and activities with those that have a common interest.


Stay organized with this set of flexible tools for managing and sharing projects and tasks.


Collaboratively author documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your favorite devices.


Host web meetings for up to 200 participants with videocasting, desktop and application sharing and polling.


Instant Messaging
Collaborate with people in real time on your favorite devices.


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