Common functionality required for select IMS Tools

IBM® Common Services Library for z/OS is a no-charge product that contains various components and infrastructure-related common functionality required for select IBM Tools. It completely replaces IBM Functional Support Library for z/OS V2.4 which is currently supplied with IBM IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS, V2.4 and IBM Tools Base for z/OS, V1.5.

Common Services Library provides:

  • IBM Common Services Library Server component:
    • Consolidates and provides connectivity for select IBM tools
    • Enables you to gain enhanced function and distributed access for select IBM Tools
    • Can help you maximize your return on investment from these select tools
    • Supersedes the IBM Tools Base Connection Server for z/OS component provided in IBM Tools Base for z/OS V1.4 (5655-V93), and the IBM Functional Support Library Server component provided in IBM IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS, V2.4 (5655-S56) and with IBM IMS Performance Solution Pack for z/OS, V1.3 (5655-S42)
  • IBM Common Services Library Scrub utility:
    • Helps remove sensitive or confidential user data, such as customer business information from IMS log records
    • Supersedes the IBM Scrub utility provided in IBM Tools Base for z/OS, V1.5 and earlier releases (5655-V93)

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