What is IBM Cloud Security Enforcer?

IBM Cloud Security Enforcer is a cloud-delivered Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution that helps you securely accelerate your adoption of cloud applications. The solution provides cloud application visibility, identity & access management, and threat intelligence.


Uncover Shadow IT

Discover all cloud apps in use, approved or not. Understand associated risk scores, app usage inefficiencies, and employee needs.

Simplify and Secure Cloud App Access

Enable secure connections to thousands of clouds in seconds. Simplify deployment and enable one-click employee onboarding.

Safely Use Cloud Apps

Combine dynamic threat intelligence with user analytics to monitor potential threats and risk. Identify policy violations and coach proper cloud app usage.

Why IBM Cloud Security Enforcer?

Bringing it all together

  • Securing cloud application usage requires both breadth and depth of security capabilities. IBM Cloud Security Enforcer integrates with the IBM Security portfolio of solutions enabling you to employ a holistic approach to securing cloud application usage.

Dynamic threat intelligence from IBM X-Force Exchange

  • Static application risk ratings simply can’t keep up with new and evolving threats. The IBM X-Force research team studies and monitors the latest threat trends. This intelligence is fed directly into IBM Cloud Security Enforcer, providing you with the vast security intelligence resources of X-Force to help ensure your employees and organization stay safe.

Seamless SIEM Integration

  • Cloud Enforcer and QRadar integration enable your IT analysts to see and respond to threats detected by Cloud Enforcer, including those from off-network mobile devices.

Securing mobile access

  • Without the protections from the corporate network, connections from off-network mobile devices can leave employees vulnerable and the business unprotected. The combination of Cloud Enforcer and IBM MaaS360 provide the mobile employee with secure access to approved apps as well as the safeguards to protect your business.

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Discovery and visibility of cloud applications helps you understand employee usage and manage risk:

  • Identify thousands of applications and their associated risk scores from IBM X-Force.
  • Map usage activity to actual users, not just network addresses.
  • Report on mobile usage of cloud applications.
  • Show reporting over time with continuous collection of data.

Cloud identity services simplify user access and provide access controls:

  • Provides built-in connectors for the most popular cloud applications.
  • Easily find and use applications using corporate credentials with application catalogs.
  • Get one-click self-service user onboarding with a customized user launch pad.
  • Gain additional cloud app security with user access controls.

Cloud event correlation monitors all user activity:

  • Identify anomalous and suspicious user behaviors.
  • Correlate activity to corporate policy to detect violations.
  • Record all activity for reporting and auditing.

Threat prevention protects the business and users from cloud delivered threats:

  • Achieve zero-day detection of new and unknown cloud security threats with real-time intelligence feeds from IBM X-Force Exchange.
  • Provide safeguards for off-network mobile users using threat signatures and network/protocol analysis.

Policy enforcement to ensure usage is within acceptable company guidelines:

  • Get one-click on/off capabilities for usage policies.
  • Coach users to approved cloud applications and away from risky ones.
  • Achieve enforcement of usage policies for mobile device access.

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