Transform your IT department into a self service organization

IBM Cloud Orchestrator provides cloud management for your IT services, allowing you to accelerate the delivery of software and infrastructure. Based on open standards, it reduces the number of steps to manage public, private and hybrid clouds by using an easy-to-use interface.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator gives you access to ready-to-use patterns and content packs – helping to speed configuration, provisioning and deployment. It integrates management tools such as metering, usage, accounting, monitoring and capacity management into your cloud services . Go live as quickly as you develop and test applications.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator helps you:

Previously, our quickest deployment was two weeks, but some took as long as two months. Now we’re doing it in a week, and we’re anticipating three day deployments in the future. We’ve reduced system recovery times by about 75 percent. We’ve become a pioneer in using the cloud to ensure that our customers get service quickly, affordably and accurately.

– Wuxi Lake Cloud, Chinese service provider for e-commerce.

IBM Cloud offerings provide the open-standards based components Toshiba requires for its innovative projects.

– Toshiba, cloud service division

IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Transform your IT department into a self service organization

IBM Software Subscription and Support is included in the product price for the first year.

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With IBM® Cloud Orchestrator, you can manage your cloud infrastructure.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator helps you with end-to-end service deployment across infrastructure and platform layers. It also provides integrated IT workflow capabilities for process automation and IT governance, resource monitoring, and cost management. The product offers you an extensible approach to integration with existing environments such as network management tools. It facilitates integration with customer-specific service management processes, such as those defined in the IT infrastructure library (ITIL).

The product includes manage-from support on KVM and VMWare virtual machines and manage-to support on KVM, VMWare, System z and Power hypervisors. Various host and guest operating systems are supported as well.

You choose between two editions: IBM Cloud Orchestrator and IBM Cloud Orchestrator Enterprise Edition which also includes Monitoring and Cost Management.



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