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IBM Cloud Orchestrator provides cloud management for your IT services, allowing you to accelerate the delivery of software and infrastructure. Based on open standards, it reduces the number of steps to manage public, private and hybrid clouds by using an easy-to-use interface.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator gives you access to ready-to-use patterns and content packs – helping to speed configuration, provisioning and deployment. It integrates management tools such as metering, usage, accounting, monitoring and capacity management into your cloud services . Go live as quickly as you develop and test applications.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator helps you:

Previously, our quickest deployment was two weeks, but some took as long as two months. Now we’re doing it in a week, and we’re anticipating three day deployments in the future. We’ve reduced system recovery times by about 75 percent. We’ve become a pioneer in using the cloud to ensure that our customers get service quickly, affordably and accurately.

– Wuxi Lake Cloud, Chinese service provider for e-commerce.

IBM Cloud offerings provide the open-standards based components Toshiba requires for its innovative projects.

– Toshiba, cloud service division

For your convenience, the System Requirements for IBM Cloud Orchestrator reports have been organized into a single document from which you can select your reports by version, operating system and component.

If you prefer, you can manually generate up-to-date system requirement reports from the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.


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