Holistic care management that extends beyond traditional clinical care plans

IBM Care Management

A comprehensive view of managed care

IBM® Care Management is a packaged software application that delivers key capabilities required to manage care across the care continuum. It can identify clients in need of care, assess their needs, establish the appropriate care plan to support their needs, manage the care and monitor results and outcomes. IBM Care Management combines data integration, analytics and coordination of care capabilities into a single ready-to-use offering that offers a personalized, 360-degree view of the individual to facilitate outcome-focused care.

IBM Care Management can:

Support a team-based and patient-centered approach to care

Create a single view of the patient and care plan

Enrich data brought into the care management solution

IBM Care Management demos

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Get a 360-degree patient view
Improve efficiency and care delivery processes with a better view of patients.

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Analyze data to aid care planning
Use natural language processing to analyze unstructured data for use in care planning.

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Use configurable assessments
Work with evidenced-based, person-centric assessments to inform better care and service planning.

IBM Care Management

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