Maintain audit readiness and mitigate security risks with software compliance and usage

IBM BigFix Inventory provides the foundation for software control and security risk mitigation, with embedded compliance and usage analysis, discovering all licensed and unlicensed software with in-depth granularity across all devices.

A single console, single server, single intelligent agent design enables continuous and automatic updates. BigFix Inventory processes usage and file systems to reduce security risks and count the number of copies deployed versus the number owned - ensuring compliance. Spend less time conducting software asset inventory for license reconciliation or compliance purposes while reducing software spend.

Leverage the broad software and hardware inventory, processes and file system scans to enable security policies and configurations.

IBM BigFix Inventory:

Manages software assets across hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux endpoints

Delivers a comprehensive Software Identification Catalog

Enables enhanced reporting

Provides discovery for software, processes, file systems , hardware and usage metering

Integrates with IBM software products

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IBM BigFix Inventory

Maintain audit readiness and continuous license compliance with always-on Software Asset Management

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