A multidimensional investigative analysis solution for intelligence analysis

IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis is an open, interoperable, extendable and scalable solution that helps organizations accelerate the data to decision process by enabling them to perform analysis and advanced analytics at scale and with critical speed. Whether your organization is challenged by large amounts of communications data or looking to turn disparate data into a clear operational picture, i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis can help you turn massive amounts of data into actionable insight in near real time to support timely decision-making.

i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis:

Uncovers hidden patterns and relationships in data by performing advanced analytics

Supports operational and technical interoperability

Uses a modular design that can be extended with a host of accompanying add-on capabilities

Offers a cost-effective solution

i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis resources

i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis

Rapid fraud detection and investigation

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