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Document management with IBM® FileNet® Content Manager helps you meet the growing challenge of managing enterprise content with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy. FileNet Content Manager is a document management engine that combines enterprise content, security and storage features with ready-to-use workflow and process management capabilities.

FileNet Content Manager features include:

  • A single repository for enterprise content to provide centralized access and better control.
  • Document management services and application development support to streamline content management and delivery.
  • Delivery of active content in motion for improved business value and reduced costs.
  • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office to help increase productivity.
  • Social collaboration and mobile computing support to use the latest technologies in your enterprise content management (ECM) environment.

A single repository for enterprise content

  • Uses content federation services to centralize access to content from multiple IBM and third-party repositories for improved tracking and control of enterprise content in one location.
  • Provides centralized access through federation of metadata from host repositories into FileNet Content Manager or by migrating content into FileNet Content Manager from a legacy repository.
  • Offers a full-featured and streamlined search, repurposing and application development environment based on a unified repository and metadata model.

Document management services and application development support

  • Deliver core capabilities, including document versioning, content security and lifecycle management features.
  • Support a wide range of content types, including XML documents, Microsoft Office documents, web pages, photos, voice, images and process definitions and templates.
  • Offer advanced features, including support for Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)-based XML.
  • Use an extensible object model to allow complex taxonomy management using extensive metadata and folder organization capabilities.
  • Provide application development support through proprietary and industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs).

Delivery of active content in motion

  • Provides automated workflows to improve task completion rates, enable faster task completion and help reduce processing and research costs.
  • Uses event and subscription capabilities to deliver active content.
  • Utilizes business rules to drive automated actions triggered by active content changes.
  • Enables faster reactions to customer demands by automating processes triggered by customer events.

Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office

  • Allows users to author, browse and manage their FileNet Content Manager content, access their personal and public inboxes and initiate FileNet Content Manager workflows from within SharePoint.
  • Provides quicker access to folders, stored searches or favorites from within Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 applications.
  • Offers Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) support for easier integration of FileNet Content Manager with Microsoft SharePoint, SAP and other third-party systems.

Social collaboration and mobile computing support

  • Allows you to add comments and tags to documents or other objects managed by FileNet Content Manager. Also, tracks the number of document downloads for improved audience analysis.
  • Enables the streaming of large content files or enables large groups of users to retrieve the same file simultaneously.
  • Shows thumbnails alongside document properties in folders and search results to help speed the discovery process.
  • Provides a “lookahead count” to specify the minimum number of rows that display when performing searches with very large result sets.
  • Offers iOS support for iPhones and iPads to browse, search and view content and to take photos and add them to FileNet Content Manager.

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Navigator: multiple searches

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Navigator thumbnail support

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Self-provisioned Teamspace

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Enterprise search integration using IBM Content Analytics (ICA)

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Mobile: ICN on iPad / iPhone

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Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) support

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Rich application development

Navigator: multiple searches

Navigator Thumbnail support

Self-provisioned Teamspace

Enterprise search integration using IBM Content Analytics (ICA)

Mobile: ICN on iPad / iPhone

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) support

Rich application development

FileNet Content Manager

The following components are included with IBM FileNet Content Manager at no charge:

Content Federation Services

FileNet Integration for Microsoft Office (FIMO)

FileNet Collaboration Services

SharePoint Web Parts

Workplace XT

DITA Data Models

FileNet Content Manager supports the DITA data model allowing customers the ability to extend ECM support into component based content management through the following applications.


Key features and enhancements for IBM Content Foundation v5.2.1 and IBM FileNet Content Manager v5.2.1 are:

Enhanced user experience

The latest enhancements to IBM Content Navigator V2.0.3 through continuous delivery include:

Ability to install patch or fix pack without application down time

This benefit applies to tradition on-premise deployment and also to cloud deployments in which FileNet CM or Content Foundation is the content repository.

Multi-tenancy support

This functionality is targeted at cloud based ECM providers with multiple tenants. It may be beneficial in some on-prem use cases as well.

Storage replication for disaster recovery and distributed cloud deployments

This should provide substantial cost reduction for disaster recovery scenarios in which all locally stored data would otherwise be lost, but now can be recovered quickly from one or more remote geographic sites which have not been similarly compromised.

Report generation enablement

Customers will be able to build and deliver reports across content applications for IT, business users and applications

Enhanced administration

Administrators and operations teams will be able to optimize many regular or long running tasks by automating and scheduling them as custom sweep jobs

Enhanced consumability

Bulk sweep capability to speed and simplify system maintenance

Optimized content access in distributed environments

Storage connectors

P8 Storage Connectors are separately licensed. Entitlement to use them requires the acceptance of the associated connector license and the payment of the associated license fees.

Combining support for the latest storage devices and cloud storage with existing content migration capabilities provides customers unparalleled flexibility to manage repositories over time.

IBM FileNet P8 Cloud Storage Connector to OpenStack-enabled devices

IBM FileNet P8 Connector to EMC Atmos

IBM FileNet P8 Connector to EMC Isilon

IBM FileNet Connector to Hitachi Content Platform

For more information on EMC Atmos capabilities refer to EMC product information

For more information on Hitachi Content Platform capabilities refer to Hitachi product information.

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