Fast, secure sharing and exchanging of large files among groups

IBM® Aspera® File Sharing Suite is a collection of client server software and web applications for companies that need a fast, secure and easier way to share large files and data sets among interconnected teams, customers and partners—regardless of the file type, transfer distance and network conditions. Its high-speed performance is driven by the patented Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP®) technology.

This enterprise file sync and share solution helps ensure complete security of business-critical digital assets with user authentication, data integrity verification and encryption, and a powerful data access and control model.

IBM Aspera File Sharing Suite delivers:

A fast, innovative and secure file sharing solution

Powerful security features

A variety of easy-to-use web and client interfaces

Direct integration with the desktop

Quick, easy sharing and accessing of data

Aspera File Sharing Suite resources

Aspera File Sharing Suite

Fast, secure sharing and exchanging of large files among groups

IBM Software Subscription and Support is included in the product price for the first year.

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