Represents a Technology that Measures Transaction-level End-to-end Response time

  • Monitors detailed user-activity such as where users are clicking the most on application screens
  • To reduce network transmission, Tivoli ETEWatch Workstations can measure and summarize its response-time data and use the network more efficiently by compressing and sending data selectively
  • No application modification, additional software coding or instrumentation

The IBM Tivoli ETEWatch Workstations represents a technology that measures transaction-level end-to-end response time—the wait time a user experiences as an application loads its screens or performs an action. Tivoli ETEWatch Workstations monitors a wide range of application criteria from the user's point of view. So, if an application is bogging down a server, Tivoli ETEWatch Workstations provides critical information about where those slowdowns are occurring—long before users start complaining.

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