Enable your COBOL applications to exploit the latest z/Architecture

The IBM® Enterprise COBOL for z/OS® compiler exploits the latest z/Architecture® to maximize hardware utilization and improve your application performance. The compiler also helps you integrate COBOL and web-based business processes with web services, XML, Java and COBOL applications. It provides both XML and Java interoperability, including flexibility and control of the XML-generated documents.

Enterprise COBOL for z/OS offers:

Increased return on hardware and middleware investments

New application modernization capabilities

Improved productivity with new usability features

Compatibility with previous System z COBOL releases

Enterprise COBOL for z/OS resources

Enterprise COBOL for z/OS

Integrate COBOL and web-based processes with service-oriented architecture

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Operating system Software Hardware Supported middleware
z/OS Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, V5.1 runs under the control of, or in conjunction with, the currently supported releases of the following programs and their subsequent releases or their equivalents.

For more information about the following programs that require program temporary fixes (PTFs), instead of reviewing the PSP Bucket, it is recommended you use the SMP/E V3R6 or SMP/E V3R5 product support for FIXCAT HOLDDATA to verify programmatic target system PTFs. In Enhanced HOLDDATA, these PTFs are identified with a FIXCAT called IBM.TargetSystem-RequiredService.Enterprise-COBOL.V5R1.

A HOLDDATA type FIXCAT (fix category) is used to associate an APAR to a particular category of fix for necessary target system PTFs. To help identify the uninstalled PTFs on your current system for your upgrade to IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, V5.1.0, use the SMP/E REPORT MISSINGFIX command. Use the FIXCAT(IBM.TargetSystem-RequiredService.Enterprise-COBOL.V5R1) operand on the APPLY CHECK command.

Required licensed programs

z/OS V1.13 (5694-A01), or later

Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, V5.1 will run on the following IBM servers:

IBM® Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V5.1 continues to deliver enhancements necessary for optimizing performance of your COBOL applications, including a new floating comment indicator, a new level of z/OS® System Management Facilities (SMF) and Java interoperability to Java 7. This version includes a new pseudo-assembly listing for debugging your programs and the new DWARF interface to provide a consistent interface for information used by debuggers.

Additional Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V5.1 enhancements include:


Exploitation of the latest z/Architecture and performance optimization of COBOL applications

UNICODE enhancements

XML processing enhancements

Increased compiler limits

Support for unbounded tables and groups


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