Smarter, faster management of physical and virtual endpoints

IBM® Endpoint Manager products—built on IBM Bigfix® technology—can help you achieve smarter, faster endpoint management and security. These products enable you to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints including servers, desktops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and specialized equipment such as point-of-sale devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. Now you can rapidly remediate, protect and report on endpoints in near real time.

Product editions:

IBM Endpoint Manager for Core Protection: Helps protect physical and virtual endpoints from malware and malicious threats before they can exploit vulnerabilities.

IBM Endpoint Manager for Datacenters: Enables users to perform advanced automation tasks across servers, including task sequencing.
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IBM Endpoint Manager for Lifecycle Management: Provides near time visibility into the state of endpoints, giving administrators advanced functionality for managing OS deployment and migrations, software installations and updates, and remote administration.
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IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices: IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices is now IBM MaaS360.

IBM Endpoint Manager for Patch Management: Allows you to assess, deploy and manage patches for operating systems and applications throughout heterogeneous environments.
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IBM Endpoint Manager for Power Management: Enables enforcement of granular, highly targeted energy conservation policies throughout your organization without impacting employee productivity or security requirements.
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IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance: Provides unified, near real-time visibility and enforcement of patches, configuration baselines and multiple third-party anti-malware systems. Compliance analytics and host-based vulnerability reporting provides assurance to internal and external auditors.
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IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation: Enables users to perform advanced application deployment throughout servers, including task sequencing—without the need for programming skills.
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IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis: Identifies licensed and unlicensed software with in-depth granularity. It tracks software usage patterns and trends to support better planning, budgeting and vendor license compliance.
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What's New in IBM Endpoint Manager 9.1


IBM Endpoint Manager provides real time visibility and control over all endpoints: a platform that scales across any device, at any location, any time. It performs in the smallest environments— with just 10s of users—to enterprise scale environments, with one management server for up to 250,000 endpoints. And it provides the critical capabilities of patch, lifecycle, software asset, power, server and security management to all of your devices—so you can find and fix problems in minutes.


See what’s new in IBM Endpoint Manager

IBM Endpoint Manager 9.1 expands on previous versions by delivering several new enhancements including:


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Endpoint Management Version-to-Version Comparison
Feature / functions 8.2 9.0 9.1
Manages up to 250,000 endpoints X X X
Single control console X X X
Single management server X X X
Client Authentication: Enables authentication on DMZ relays to manage roaming users and mobile devices more effectively and prevent unauthorized access.   X X
Client Mailboxing: Encrypts and sends data securely to individual computers, ensuring faster processing and performance when targeting endpoints by name or client ID.   X X
Native encryption capabilities for server to client communication and additional security options for managing Internet connected computers and mobile devices   X X
Server Support: Red Hat Enterprise Linux and DB2   X X
Expanded OS Support: enhances agent support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, UNIX, Mac OSX 10.8, and Solaris 11.   X X
Integration with IBM Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed   X X
Advanced end-to-end data center management     X
IBM License Metric Tool entitlement     X

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