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IBM® Endpoint Manager products—built on IBM Bigfix® technology—can help you achieve smarter, faster endpoint management and security. These products enable you to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints including servers, desktops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and specialized equipment such as point-of-sale devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. Now you can rapidly remediate, protect and report on endpoints in near real time.

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What's New in IBM Endpoint Manager 9.0

IBM® Endpoint Manager built on Bigfix® technology, helps customers achieve smarter, faster endpoint management by providing real time visibility and control across all endpoints, regardless of location or bandwidth constraint. It combines endpoint and security management to offer a unified solution from a single console to manage up to 250,000 endpoints per server and take targeted actions across the endpoint environment in minutes there by reducing the costs and risks and offering a very quick return on investment.

IBM Endpoint Manager 9.0 expands upon the previous versions by delivering several new improvements including:

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